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    On Kaaviya Thalaivan and why you should dial Vasanthabalan for period drama

    When it comes to period films, director Vasanthabalan is the go-to guy. His next film, Kaaviya Thalaivan, depicts the theatre scene in the 1930s, a�?Tamil writer Jayamohan asked me to read Enathu Nadaga Vazhkkai which deals with the 1930s theatre scene. The book gave me the idea for my film,a�? says the director, adding he wanted to cast two good looking actors in the movie. His first choice was actors Siddharth and Pritviraj.

    Kaaviya-Thalaivan-(8)a�?I wanted actors like MGR and Sivaji Ganesan who are a delight to watch on screen,a�? says Vasanthabalan who also convinced A R Rahman to be the composer. a�?He was very busy with Hollywood and Bollywood films, but he asked me to wait so he could work something out. The movie needed strong music and no onea��s better than the Oscar winner,a�? he says.

    The director chose to shoot in Karaikudi so he could capture the era. a�?For the rest of the movie we had sets. The biggest challenge, however, was the make-up and costumes. The actors had to look blingy but at the same time wear cottons,a�? he says, before confessing that hea��s taking a break from period films. a�?I have done too many of these. My next film will be a comedy or a thriller,a�? he adds.
    As for new faces in the industry, Vasanthabalan has taken note of music director Santosh Narayan who has composed for movies like Pizza and Soodhu Kavvum.

    The movie is scheduled to release post August.

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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