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    Hitler on net
    neutrality, an actor wears different make up and music goes back in time


    In Depp (Analysis)
    Johnny Depp does not take a break, and this time, it isna��t the return of Captain Jack Sparrow. Followers are in for a treat with Black Mass a�� a true story about the notorious American gangster Whitey Bulger. Beyond recognition with make-up and sans quirky hats, the trailer has a whole new Depp with icy stares and cold gravelly voice to give you the coldest of shivers. Watch out for the eerie resemblance between Depp and the actual crime lord. The bonus is that Benedict Cumberbatch plays his brother!

    Getting FA?hrerious
    With the whole country fighting for net neutrality, the Internet has seen its fair share of humorous material ranging from memes to videos. But the most entertaining appears to be a falsely subtitled video (Hitler reacts to Net Neutrality) from the German film Downfall. We see an enraged Hitler lose his temper and verbally attack Airtel and Flipkart in a way that will make you laugh till your sides hurt. After all, the FA?hrer does appear to have topped up for `500 on his phone, and now that may be a waste!

    Back in time
    Lady Gagaa��s music may be timeless, but Postmodern Jukebox, gives Bad Romance a twist. Specialising in giving modern pop songs a retro feel, with a band accompanying, to make it a trip to the roaring 20s. We love that they have a stunning live tap dance, by Sarah Reich. The sultry Ariana Savalas who sings (and whistles) her way through the song, is also part of this one. While youa��re there, watch their version of Meghan Trainora��s All About That Bass.
    a�� Jurish Nath


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