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French artistes Christine Graz and Laurent-Marie Joubert show us how
dance can amp up painting

Clear-cut definitions of art have long been done away with. Paintings have evolved beyond canvases and sculptures now talk back. French couple, Laurent-Marie Joubert and Christine Graz, however, is creating a new form of abstract expression, by merging painting and dance. a�?Our work highlights how a motif can be transient, like in my dance, or fixed, like in Laurenta��s paintings. The patterns that inspire us are taken from the idea of time, shape, energy and space,a�? says Graz, 56, adding that her dance has evolved from the influences of the 70s and the first wave of punk music. The two artistes, who have been working together since 1983, are bringing their latest collaboration, Dance Action Painting: Code Coromandel, to the city todaya��in which Joubert paints while Graz dances.
Lustre of lacquer
In residency at Cholamandal since the beginning of August, Joubert says Code Coramandel is the result of an idea they have been nurturing. a�?Christine wanted to work with colours and I suggested developing the theme around the lacquer of Coromandel. Europeans used to buy it in India, thinking it was from the East Coast, when actually it came from China. Our inspiration came from this story and we wanted to share our reflections,a�? says the artist, whose paintings are influenced by anthropology and history.
Open your mind
Graz says she hopes the performance will provide a chance for them to share and exchange impressions with the audience. a�?We hope that their experience will be about sensation and sensitivity,a�? she concludes.
At 7.30 pm, at Alliance Francaise. Details: madras.afindia.org


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