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Head to Sunday Soul Sante for a spot of last minute Christmas shopping

From jams and sauces to cookies and home decor accessories, the Sunday Soul Santea��s Christmas Bazaar might help you finish youra��s and your familya��s Christmas wishlist this Sunday.

Big tuck in
Shop for sweet treats and condiments from Flavourista, a company started by Mary Swapan Palamadai. a�?Apart from the usual chocolate chip cookies, there will be chilli jams and pork pickle,a�? Palamadai enthuses. For gourmet condiments, we suggest you pick up Martha Kohlhagena��s preserves like pineapple chilli jam, pomegranate orange marmalade and lemon curd. And head to home baker Neesha Chhabriaa��s stall for her Irish crunch and Swiss butter cookies. a�?The crunch comes from caramelised cashew nuts without preservatives or colour,a�? she says.

On the racks
Little a��uns will love the handmade tees from Incy Wincy. a�?They are made using a range of printed and woven fabrics and hand embroidery,a�? says owner, Tina Roy. Brighten up your Christmas with LIGHT a BOTTLE a�� eco-friendly light units which come in different shapes and sizes. Then there are personalised accessories like key chains, hangers and pictures from Style It Now, all made out of felt fabric.

Knick knacks
You might be tempted to put designer Surekha Manoja��s decorated wine bottles under your Christmas tree that draw inspiration from Aboriginal art. See how paper can morph into exciting forms and shapes courtesy Bluey, a company started by Inchara Suresh. Their friendship bands, wind chimes, hair bands, studs and earrings made from paper quilling will make for clever little stocking fillers.
As will Mesmericraftsa�� wooden bangles, necklaces, earrings, scented candles, photo frames, multi-purpose boxes and jewellery cases in wood and paper. Pink Feather has magnets, cute jars and pen holders, all crafted out of bread! And for a little something for your Secret Santa at the office a�� rings, earrings and bracelets from Fire & Rain as well as designer scented candles from Puro.
RS100 upwards. December 22. 10 am onwards. At Embassy Riding School, Devanahalli.
Details: 43418452

a��Avinash Kumai