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    House of Chase celebrates two years with a minimalist collection.

    House of Chase opened its doors at Bawa Road in 2014. The brainchild of 25-year-old Samyuktha Venkatachalam, the brand has since evolved from offering womena��s clothing online to much more. a�?We started off as a website, then came the store, and now we have mena��s collections as well. We are also adding stationery and other accessories to make it a complete lifestyle brand,a�? begins Venkatachalam, who has also got herself a marketing team now.
    Tuesday saw the young designer unveil her autumn winter collection at The Hilton with a fashion show. The new collection, inspired by a�?chic life and New Yorka��s street fashiona�?, includes knit clothes like skirts, dresses, track pants, basketball shorts for men and crop tops. a�?We have used fleece and a lot of viscose and lycra. The hues are mostly shades of pink, brown, black and a lot of grey. It is a minimalist, subdued collection,a�? shares the city-based designer, who follows designers like Virgil Abloh and Alexander Wang.
    The fashion entrepreneur plans to bring out a new collection every six months and is already working on her next, which she says will have more silhouettes and cuts. Talking about the changing trends in fashion, Venkatachalam says that chokers, white sneakers and ruffled skirts are popular right now and so is athleisure wear.
    Rs 199 onwards. At Bawa Road.
    Details: 24984949

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