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    Coming back to the sets of Alice after seven years, for Helena Bonham Carter ita��s like no time has passed

    KNOWN for her quirkiness, English actress Helena Bonham Carter, who celebrated her 50th birthday last week, looks intriguing as the cat lady in the latest Harpera��s Bazaar cover. Reprising her role as the Red Queen in the sequel to Alice in Wonderland (2010), The Kinga��s Speech star finds herself reunited on screen with the Mad Hatter and Alice, while having to battle new characters like Time (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) in the soon-to-release Alice Through the Looking Glass. Carter talks about her role, co-stars and the script.

    How was it coming back to Underland and playing the character of the Red Queen?
    Ia��d forgotten how much energy it takes to play this character because she acts like a two-year-old. In fact, I sort of based her on my child (Nell Burton) when she was a toddler with those crazy mood swings. In this film, we see flashbacks which explain why her head got so big. And as we find out, she isna��t the person we thought she was.

    How was Anne Hathaway who plays your sister, Mirana.
    Mirana is always so perfect and so loved by everyone, but she is the one person that Iracebeth (the Red Queen) really responds to and the one person she is open to emotionally. Ita��s been great getting to do more scenes with her and having the chance to do different things with our characters.

    How was it acting with Cohen?
    It is exciting to work with Sacha because you never know what hea��s going to do. He is incapable of doing the same thing twice. It was pretty difficult to keep a straight face when he did his Austrian accent with those speech defects.

    The movie releases on May 27.

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    Directora��s speak
    While director James Bobin will be shooting the much-talked-about MIB 23 (the Jump Street and Men In Black crossover film) this fall, he talks to us about the making of Alice Through The Looking Glass with producer Tim Burton, and on casting Cohen.
    a�?Tim was the perfect collaborator. He has such good ideas and such strong viewpoints about what this world should and could be, but at the same time he gve me a great deal of freedom. Time, our new character, is a very pompous, arrogant, self-opinionated buffoon, so I turned to my great friend, Sacha Baron Cohen, who is all of those things as an actor. Sacha is excellent at playing the confident idiot, and a confident idiot is my favourite A�type of character.a�?



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