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    At a new skate ramp in Mahabalipuram, learn to master the board

    Visit the Thirukula St Fishe-rmana��s Colony in Mahabalipuram on a weekend and you will find atleast 20 children waiting for a chance to try out their skateboards on a 20-foot-by-12-foot curved concrete mini skate ramp. A one-of-its-kind space in Chennai, it is built by Bengaluru-based HolyStoked Collective. The organisation not only builds skating parks, but also offers skatewear and boards, besides conducting classes. According to co-founder Poornabodh (the other partners are Abhishek and Somanna), a�?This is a mini-ramp where only two people can skate at a time. We had recently uploaded a video on Kickstarter, post which we received funds to build ramps in Goa. The leftover money was used to build the ramp here,a�? he begins. The team wants to make skate boarding part of our culture. a�?The skating culture is definied in other countries with tournaments and clubs. Here we are trying to do it only now. But Ia��m sure the sport will evolve over the years,a�? says Poornabodh. The company is currently working on a competition to be held onA�June 21A�(Skateboarding Day) at Bengaluru. a�?When you play football or basketball, there is a clear winner, but that is not the case with skating. We make up competitions like the Stickera��where participants have to ride a big wall and paste a sticker. Whoever manages to go the highest gets the prize,a�? says Poornabodh, who also builds skate parks in schools and homes.
    Next, the company plans to build a ramp in Pondicherry and at Marina Beach. a�?We want to make skating as popular as surfing. The number of people following it is definitely picking up. According to us, skating is a platform to perform and meet new people,a�? he says. Meanwhile, Abhishek tells us that he will make anybody a ramp for free. a�?a�?If someone suggests a space where everybody can come skate, we will build the ramp for free. It is about building a skating community and encourage the sport,a�? he concludes.
    Rs 3,000 onwards per child (in a class of 20). Details: holystoked.com
    a��Mrinalini Sundar


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