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    Merging dance, painting and sculpture, Forum Art Gallery explores the lotus and its metaphors

    Flower powera�� was coined in the 60s to promote passive resistance to war, but the lotus, especially in India, means something completely different. From emoting happiness to signifying the birth of a child, its meaning will be explored at the Forum Art Gallerya��s month-long exhibition, Padme, which will host interpretations by painters, photographers and sculptors.
    Renowned Bharatnatyam dancer Anita Ratnam, who is launching the exhibition, will present a 30-minute dialogue, where shea��ll recite poetry and read stories, using the lotus as a metaphor for emotions. a�?It can symbolise grace, beauty, strength, love, longing, and even eroticism,a�? says Ratnam, whose students will also be performing their contemporary dance act, Padme.
    While artists like Bharti Singh and AV Ilango will explore the bloom through birds and gardens, Delhi-based Sarla Chandra sees the Sahasrara, the thousand-petaled lotus, as a form of meditation and a window into Indian philosophy. a�?Ia��ve been painting the padma for over 45 years and Ia��ve realised if you want to understand Indian myths and philosophy, you have to keep practicing painting,a�? says the 72-year-old artist.
    As for Shalini Biswajit, artist and the director of Forum, her stainless steel sculpture is about reflection and self-awareness. a�?I call all my work a self-portrait. The lotus is held as a point of self-enlightenment and as a vow to aspire for more and to stay away from mundane life,a�? she signs off.
    At Forum Art Gallery, from June 30 to July 31. Details: 42115596
    a��Sakshi Kaushik



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