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    Designer Abhishek Duttaa��s latest collection for the BFW is all about feminine silhouettes.

    fashionlead2For Abhishek Dutta who started his career with little investment way back in 2001, learning about the fashion industry came the hard way. a�?When I began, I always wanted to do something out of the box. But as you evolve, your philosophies also evolve. For me, the key was to bring about a balance between creativity and wearability. Wearable fashion is what brings in the money,a�? he admits.
    At the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW), Dutta will showcase his spring-summer collection for 2016 called The Edena��s Garden. a�?This line is a lot simpler than my earlier works. Ita��s totally feminine, and has a lot of floral prints with twists made with laser cuts. I have also used some leather, apart from fabrics such as linen and cotton. While white is most common for summers, I have used a lot of grey and black this time,a�? says Dutta. fashionlead8
    The line-upA�Duttaa��s style is distinctively characterised by the fusion of ancient embroidery with futuristic cuts. He loves working with handloom and natural fabrics, and experiments with asymmetry. His label, which is a combination of bohemian freedom and subtle sensitivity, is returning to the BFW for the sixth season, and will feature and interesting combination of Indo-Western outfits, such as kurta jackets, zipper jackets, dhoti pants, dhoti-style saris worn with shrugs and jackets, western jump suits, cat suits, interesting long and short asymmetrical shirts, pant suits etc. Future of fashion
    The year 2016 has exciting things lined up for Dutta. For the first time, he will be showcasing his work in the USA and says he is excited about it but whata��s really taken up much of his creative mind space is the cloud-based fashion concept for which he will be collaborating with IT major IBM. a�?Basically, it will be sensor-based garments that can sense your mood and probably change colour, or just like the fitness bands, we might come out with a jacket that monitors your heart rate etc. I cana��t reveal much about it right now; we will be announcing the launch sometime in the middle of the year, and I am quite excited,a�? he admits. Apart from this, Dutta continues to work with over 300 weavers in West Bengal, an initiative he has taken up for the last three years and works closely with the ministry of textiles. a�?For the past 100-200 years, the weavers havena��t changed their approach to design and patterns. We work with them to bring in the contemporary touch so that more designers can make use of their craft,a�? he says.
    Rs. 5,000 onwards.
    Details: abhishekdutta.in
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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