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Saee Koranne-Khandekar demystifies bread making at home with her new book, Crumbs, and a workshop.

ALTHOUGH we excel at kneading and making our daily chapatis and maybe an occasional banana bread bake, the art of making a simple loaf of sweet milk bread or even an akki roti, let alone a sourdough, is intimidating to most. a�?Yeast can be a deal-breaker to many, but it need not be tricky. Simplifying techniques and keeping bread-making accessible to all is what my book, Crumbs! is about,a�? explains Saee Koranne-Khandekar.
CRUMBS FINALThe author reminisces, a�?Growing up in Mumbai in the 80s with the sights and smell of delicious Irani cafe eats and carrying a humble bread-jam sandwich for my school tiffin nudged me to take up a vocational course in baking. This, combined with observing the delightful reactions of students at my workshop of a simple rising loaf of bread, is inspiring to say the least! The book is a culmination of such stories, our nostalgic experiences and over 40 recipes of breads a�� from the basic dinner rolls and whole wheat loaf to an international pita and fougase. There are also Indian staples from different regions like a Gujarati dhebra and a Maharashtrian bhakri.a�? The book also has a breakdown of theoretical facts on process and equipment along with interesting anecdotes of the history of bread and progression.
Khandekar is quick to reassure that bread making is far more forgiving than cakes and cookies when proportions go slightly off the mark and it is well within our DNA about dough know-how and kneading to be competent in the craft. With simple language and a relatable analogy of comparing prep bread dough to idly/dosa batter and puri/chappati dough, the book personifies ease in baking your own pound. a�?While the book is insightful and handy for a novice, a seasoned baker will find it equally interesting to explore stories about bread traditions across regions and try their hand at new recipes like a traditional Goan poee, Amritsari kulcha and know about artisan bakeries in India too,a�? she shares.
It is undeniable that while artisan breads are readily available in stores, the joy of conquering your fears with bread making,with the wafting aroma of freshly baked bread at home is certainly a fulfilling thought. With recipes like the no knead-overnight bread too, Khandekara��s book assures you that making bread is a pleasant daily routine.
At Rs 450 on Amazon.
Get your copy signed by the author who is conducting a demo & book reading event today (July 1) at Batlivala & Khanabhoy, Alwarpet at 6 pm. Details: 9597218598

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