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    Radha Thomas has a new book out that has the low-carb cauliflower as its star

    A colleague has been on the Atkins diet for several weeks. The kilos are dropping, amid talk of meals revolving around bacon and chicken steaks, but Ia��m not convinced. I like my carbs too much to cut them out of my diet, though my bathroom scales would state otherwise. Thata��s when I hear of jazz musician-cum-author Radha Thomasa�� new book, The Cauliflower Diet. The a�?whitea�� that she encourages us to eat has just 26 g of carbohydrates (per 500 g) and is gluten free. It can also be turned into, wait for it, bisibelabath, pizza, steak or sushi!
    Journey of discovery
    a�?Ia��ve always been on some diet or othera��mostly Atkins. But after a while all that meat just gets to you,a�? begins Thomas, recalling how, about five years ago, she had stumbled upon a recipe for cauliflower rice, which set her on a new path. a�?I started experimenting, making paella, thayir sadam and biryani,a�? she smiles. a�?Mine is not a diet booka��ita��s a diet/health/taste book,a�? she adds.
    Good and bad
    The book has 42 recipes that range from Chinese and continental to Indiana��each created and perfected in Thomasa�� kitchen. a�?Though I dona��t have a background in nutrition, for the last 20 years, Ia��ve been working as a journalist and business development person and my beat was health. So Ia��ve written a lot on it and, for the book, I did plenty of research and spoke to experts.a�?
    But even as I consider picking up a few kilos of cauliflowera��encouraged by Thomas telling me she dropped 18 kg in seven monthsa��I must ask: what about the dieta��s less-appealing side (cauliflower is known to cause flatulence and is a no-no for people with thyroid issues). a�?If you eat too much of rajma, you will not be pleasant to be around. Ita��s all about moderation,a�? laughs Thomas, stating that she has dedicated an entire chapter to the negatives. However, she adds that her book is for a�?the 90 per cent who dona��t have thyroid problems, but suffer from diabetes or heart diseasea�?.
    `299. Published by Penguin Random House, the book will be on shelves. a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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