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Dance, voice yoga and a circus workshop. This weekend is all about finding your inner rhythm along the coast

Shake a leg
Are you a fan of jhatkas and matkas? Join the Bollywood dance workshop by Pondicherry-based Sang Dolma. Participants will get to dance to popular tunes like 1-2-3-4 Get On The Dance Floor, Batameez Dil and more. At Eluciole Circus, Miracle Community, Auroville, tomorrow, from 5 pm onwards. The workshop fee is Rs300. Details: 9159180875

Festivities continue
ecr4(A)After the Pongal celebrations, DakshinaChitra has the Village Festival, featuring a Lambani performance by Viswakarma and troupe from Andhra Pradesh. There will also be a Kerala mural exhibition by Naveen, Sunil Kumar and Baburaj from Chennai. At DakshinaChitra, from January 22, from 9.30 am onwards. Details: 24918943

Vocal asanas
ecr6A9)Sita Cultural Centre is organising a workshop on voice yoga, where participants will be taught to modulate their voice and perfect their pitch. After the yoga session, join the Sing Singing Bollywood workshop and learn to sing Bollywood songs. At the Centre, tomorrow, from 10 am onwards. The voice yoga workshop costs Rs500. Details: 0413 4200718

Movie mania
Alliance Francaise in Pondicherry is screening Access to the Danger Zone. The documentary is narrated by English actor Daniel Day-Lewis and is about victims of war and their need for humanitarian aid. At Maison Colombani, on January 21,A�from 6.30 pm onwards.
Details: 0413 2334351

Wheels of time
ecr2(a)If you fancy vintage cars, head to Besant Nagar today to catch the Heritage Rally. Besides seeing vintage/classic cars, interact with the owners and flag off the journey to Pondicherry. The rally goes via ECR to Gandhi Beach, Pondicherry. The return rally will start tomorrow with a closing ceremony at Radisson Blu – Resort Temple Bay, Mahabalipuram. At Besant Nagar, from 7 am onwards. Details: 27443636



Juggle away
ecr3Keep the kids entertained with a circus workshop by Auroville-based Romain Timmers and Kalau. Learn skills like juggling, balancing, rope balancing, unicycle and acrobatics. According to Timmers, a�?It is not just about putting a few new tricks in your bag. It contributes in the development of social, physical and mental aspects.a�? At Auroville, tomorrow, from 2.45 pm onwards. The workshop is priced at Rs400. Details: 9159180875

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