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Check out Bagnoa��s futuristic designs for a home orA�office makeover

Customised portrait tiles and designer glass liquid floors are the refreshing offer from the 2000 sq ft Bagno Designer Tile Studio that has recently set shop in Nungambakkam. Dubai-based Bagno teams up with Aarav Designer Tiles to bring us a wide range of handmade, hand-painted, sandblasted and digital tiles. With over 22 years of experience, managing director Atul Kapura��s Aarav Enterprises initially imported tiles from Spain, Malaysia and China, which will now be added into the mix of the 13-year-old Bagnoa��s exclusive range. Also expect murals of Egyptian art and handcrafted accent tiles. Meanwhile Kapur plans to redefine the typical tile with their next project where, a�?Wea��re looking at launching a tile that doesna��t possess the stereotypical qualities of a tile a�� this tile could mimic jute fabrics or even carpet. Ita��s likely to hit stores next yeara�? he enthuses.
AtA� Arjay Apex Centre, Nungambakkam. Prices range from `100-`2,000 per sq ft. customised tile portraits at `3,500 per sq ft. Details: 9840933377
a�� Divya Karthikeyan