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    With Sankranti approaching, people in the city are already excited about getting their kites in the sky. The festival of kites is celebrated not just in Hyderabad, but across the nation too. Here are a few different and innovative kites that one can buy this season.

    Text:A�Nishad Neelambaran
    Try out something different this festive season and go in for fancy kites to soar into the horizon

    Illusion specialist
    Quenching the thirst of flying illusionary air crafts and doubling the pleasure is this one with the Indian army print. This five feet tall one is sure to stand out among the other exotic kites flying high in the sky. This high flier is slightly transparent yet vibrant and is available at Bajaj Patang Mahal. Rs.550 Details: 9866421101

    Filmi stuff
    Gulzar Houz is the place to be for buying kites in the city and Mahboob Aziz Patang House has something different this time to offer its customers. The dealers have got an exclusivity with customisable Baahubali kites. These patangs are made of plastic, lightweight and available in different sizes. The kite by default has Superstars Prabhas and Rana Daggubati on it. Rs.100
    Details: 9848082786

    Game on

    This season, have fun with the officially authorised Angry Birds kites. These cartoon-imprinted kite is attracting a lot of attention. What makes this kite different is that the body is made with nylon. Apart from this, the kite has a 23-inch wingspan, skytails, handle and plenty of line. The kite is available in four different characters from the gaming series. Rs.900 Details: Amazon.com

    Fighter kites
    We Indians are not the only people who love flying kites. The Japanese also have a craze for the same. Nagasaki Hata as it is called, these kites are known as fighter kites and are used in competitions. Generally, one can find these patangs at international kite festivals in India. The kite is extremely balanced, light weight and virtually square. These kites are flown diagonally. Apart from these features, the Nagasaki Hata is always marked with a bird in the kite. Rs.400 Details: vibrantkiteclub@gmail.com

    Bollywood style
    King Kite Centre at Bandra in Mumbai is one place where you can avail patangs anytime of the year. The 60-year-old shop has all varieties of kites and specialises in Bollywood style ones. The shop is known for supplying kites for Hindi movies. These kites shared the limelight when Bollywood director Vishal Bharadwaj used it to promote his film Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola from King Kite Centre. Rs.100 Details: 9224552521

    King size
    Keeping the tradition of making huge kites in the city, Chotamlal Singh Patang Ghar has really huge kites for you to fly this season. The golden kite is seven feet tall and six feet wide. This huge kite comes with a dash of silver colour on its rear. People can even customise this with different designs on the body of the patang as per their demands. Rs.600 Details: 9391097330


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