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    Whether you like them sweet or savoury, Shitija Nahataa��s Kitchen 187 is the destination for crA?pes

    If youa��re a cupcake fan based in Chennai, therea��s no way youa��ve not heard of Cupcake Company. Started in 2011 by a passionate baker, Shitija Nahata, this cupcake and dessert chain (that has even expanded to Bengaluru) is gearing up to launch a sibling in the same premises as its flagship outlet on St Marya��s Road. Nahataa��s crA?perie and cafe, Kitchen 187, that will make you swoon with sweet and savoury crA?pes as large as an average thali (when not folded), launches tomorrow. And after a quick chat with Nahata, who has named her cafe after the door number of her flagship outlet, we think that you too should be as excited as we are.
    Spicy and icy
    a�?I love the concept of crA?pes. They make excellent desserts, savoury snacks or even a meal,a�? she begins, adding that besides regular crA?pes, Kitchen 187 will offer galettes (made of buck wheat flour thata��s 100 per cent gluten free) and eggless crA?pes too. On the menu, expect things sweet, savoury and special. a�?Our section of specials is for those who want bold flavours, like the spicy bean with sour cream and pico de gallo in the Mexican crA?pe,a�? says Nahata, who also offers classic sweet crA?pes like the crA?pe suzette and Nutella and banana. Equally interesting are savoury treats like the pesto russo (with a sun dried pesto filling) and olive oil tossed seasonal veggies, and we recommend asking for a scoop of their in-house ice creams like salted toffee or double chocolate, that also feature in a list of special sundaes. a�?Our most interesting sundaes are theA� red velvet sundae and the carrot cake sundae, that use our cream cheese ice cream,a�? she reveals.
    Feeling French?
    Besides cafe staples like cappuccinos and hot chocolates, Kitchen 187 will also offer yoghurt smoothies and a selection of crA?pes for breakfast (picture one with buttered spinach, poached eggs and Hollandaise), that will join French toast made with challah, the Jewish white bread that is a lighter substitute to the more common brioche. a�?Therea��s classic French toast with maple syrup, parmesan crusted salt and pepper French toast and cheddar filled French toast with buttered mushrooms,a�? she shares a few names on the list. And speaking of cheese (all imports from places like France), be sure to try their platter that includes brie, bocconcini and emmental, among others, when you stop by for your crA?pe fix.
    CrA?pes from Rs 250 onwards, French toast from Rs 225 onwards. Details: 31234512

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