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    Joseph Teti, co-host of Dual Survival on extreme perilous adventure

    Joe (Joseph) Teti, former Force Recon Marine and Army Special Forces soldier, teams up with survival instructor Cody Lundin for Dual Survival, on Discovery Channel. Using their skills to find extraordinary ways to survive, they share tips and tricks to help you get out of sticky situations. And wea��re not talking traffic jams and stuck elevators, but slippery cliffs on extreme weather conditions and the intimidating jungles of Vietnam. a�?We go to these different areas, out of my bio-regions of expertise, and learn from people, plants or animals,a�? begins Teti.
    While Lundin left the show over differences in approaching a situation, Teti tells us that the whole point of such a show is instinct. a�?Survival is 90 per cent psychology with team mates pooling in different ideas,a�? he says, adding that even the feedback from viewers is that the show is psychologically stimulating.

    Life on the line
    This season will see him and Lundin (later Matt Graham, a specialist in primitive skills survivalism) hit Sri Lanka, the desert and mountains of Oman, the fjords of Norway, the Mayan tunnels in Panama as well at a 15,000-feet-high ridgeline. But his most challenging one was back in the 90s with his students. a�?We all came down with something real bad. It involved three helicopter evacuations. Luckily, everyone made it through that,a�? he recounts.

    Highlighting tips and tricks of survival as the best aspect of the show for the audience, he says a�?dangerous situations and figuring out how to get out of thema�� keeps him going. a�?It has always been a great experience being on this show,a�? he signs off, telling us how he switched from the army to television. a�?Ia��d like to say that Ia��m a survival skill instructor despite a television show, not because of the television show.a�?
    Monday to Friday at 9 pm, on Discovery Channel.

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