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Hidesign brings back 11 of their original styles and traces their 35-year-old journey at an exhibition in Pondicherry

Pondicherry, with its quasi-Gallic lifestyle and wooden shutters, is the perfect setting for the iconic leather brand, Hidesign. If you havena��t been to the flagship store, featuring the famous leather bags and smaller accessories, make it a dual purpose trip this weekend and stop by the Ashram hall near The Promenade Hotel as well. Hidesigna��s successful founder, Dilip Kapur, has chosen this venue to kickstart his restrospective photo exhibition, which begins tomorrow and features 14 stories or panels, 24 classic bags, a timeline for newcomers and a 200-page coffee table book that charts the branda��s journey. Conceptualised 18 months ago by Kapur, the show also marks the revival of 11 unforgettable designs from the 80s, like the Big Boxy, the sturdy and roomy Safari and the Castello briefcase in Maori and Ranchero leather. In burgundy and tan, these bags feature discreet logos, vegetable-tanned leather, sandcasting brass buckles and beautiful construction and they will be retailed at select stores after September 22. Priced from Rs.4695 to Rs.5295. The exhibition will move to venues in Mumbai and Delhi after a week in Pondicherry. Details: 0413 2660525, 2229944

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