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Our pick of places that address your hunger pangs long into the night

The good news is that the in the City of Pearls, many top luxury restaurants are keeping their kitchen open till the break of dawn, just so you dona��t go back home hungry after a late-night at work or even a party that wasna��t your kind. The guests head home happily with the aftertaste of red snappers, Sheesh Kebabs or braised pakchoi. At some of the restaurants even biryani is available along with choicest accompaniments. We bring you the list:

pg5-4South Asian delights at Syn, Taj Deccan
If ita��s a weekend and you have made a late-night entry after some heavy-duty partying, you can relish the Chinese platter at Syn – Asian Grill & Bar at Taj Deccan. On the menu is Soto Ayam, Hong Kong Fry, Yakitoris, Kaeng Pa, Wokery, Takoyaki and Banh Sung Trau prepared on live counters. The dishes are of Indonesia, China, Japan and Thailand. They have newly launched this menu. Executive chef Rishi Manucha says, a�?We get live catch. If the stock finishes, guests can only get the same items the next day as we dona��t save the catch.a�? Days: Only on weekends. Time:A�7 pm-2 am. Price: `1,350++ taxes. Details: 66663939


Steamed Red Snapper at Okra,A�Marriott

If you have an early morning flight to catch and dona��t want to eat at airports, head to Okra, Marriott. You can relish sandwiches, pastas in white and red sauces. But one dish to savour is Steamed Red Snapper which is quite a hit with guests. Says chef Zain Kazi, a�?Our menu is revamped every six months to include seasonal produce, innovative dishes and also ensure that our guests enjoy a refreshing experience every time they visit us. We are currently working on the new menu for Okra.a�? One can choose from a la carte menu. Time:A�11 pmA�onwards. Price: `650++ taxes. Details: 27522999

Text a�� Saima Afreen

pg5-2Keema Pav and Kathi Rolls at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin
You can have your share of pavs, dosas and even Calcuttaa��s Kathi Rolls while the streetlights are still on. Says chef Srikanth Muthineni of Seasonal Tastes, a�?Live pasta counters, live fritters station and healthy salad bar – we have it all to cater to our guests.a�? On the platter are 35 food items: and some of these are:A�Dry vegetables, grilled fish, lamb preparations, live station of pasta, omelettes, Keema Pavs, dosas and paranthas. It’s a
buffet spread. Time: till 2 am. Price `775++ taxes. Details: 67676767


pg5-1Hyderabadi delights at Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya
So you are returning from a party and feel like eating all over again in cosy comfortable area. Well, Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, might just be the place for you. Says chef Paul, a�?We offer food exclusively both from Old City and New City of Hyderabad. Guests pick and choose accordingly.a�? There are live dosa counters along with food from the Old City like Biryani, Haleem, Paaya, Nihari and even the humble gurda. They keep it light for the dessert as they offer Khubani Ka Meetha, Chocolate Mousse. On Thursdays they make Paaya Kii Nihari. Price: `675++ taxes. Time: 12 am-3 am. Details: 23400132

Dusk2Dawn food delivery services takes care of midnight hunger pangs, if you are too tired to go out. Minimum order should be of `300. Delivery time: 45 mins. They give veg and non-veg choices. Details: 7893828786

The five-star hotels such as Park Hyatt (Details 49491234), Trident (Details 66232323) and The Park (Details 23456789), however, have 24-hour diners which serve a variety of food for its guests.



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