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    A�With a sabha canteen food walk in the offing and singers chatting about favourite dishes, Puliyogare Travels makes Margazhi extra special

    As a nine-year-old, Rakesh Raghunathan, a Carnatic singer and TV food show host, used to forgo play time to learn how to differentiate different types of rasams. Today, hea��s made his passion for food into his career. a�?Puliyogare Travels started a couple of years ago as a journal to document our travels (with wife Preeti Mohan). Gradually, it evolved into a food and travel blog, where we look atA� food through the same lens that we look at cultures and people,a�? begins the 33-year-old, who hosts Sutralam Suvaikalam on News7 Tamil.
    But what caught our attention recently was the new segment on the website that focusses on the Margazhi season. Besides detailed listings on the menus at the various sabha canteens (updated daily), it also features interesting interviews with singers like Nisha Rajagopal and Sikkil Gurucharana��on their passion for music and their favourite bitsa��under the section a�?Spoonful of Musica��. a�?All the artistes wea��ve featured are young, vibrant and dynamic, with interesting personalities that go beyond their music,a�? says Raghunathan, who just posted a conversation with singer Sandeep Narayan that explores his love of dosas and ragas.
    We are more excited, however, by a food walk hea��s planning for the coming week. a�?We are in talks with prominent sabha canteens in and around Mylapore, to put together a food walk that will end with one of the canteens showing us how to make a traditional recipe,a�? says the MBA graduate. a�?Wea��ve been doing unofficial group food toursa��where we take people around Madurai or Trichya��showing them where to get the best paniyaram or kadalai mittai. Now requests are pouring in, so we plan to offer it as a service in the new year,a�? he adds. You can also expect a section on cooking demonstrations, where Raghunathan will show you how to make recipes that are oft forgotten.

    For more details on the food walk, mail puliyogaretravels@gmail.com

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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