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    Giving the Bengali patua a contemporary twist is Balajia��s Indian folk art workshop

    Illustrator, visual storyteller, contemporary Indian folk artist and founder of Atma Studios, SCD Balaji has been initiating Indian folk art workshops all over India since last September, in an attempt to revive and promote its applicability. Part of the advertising and graphic design space for more than a decade, he is back with his fourth workshop, to be held in the city in association with stationary brand, MyCopie. The artist will explore folk art styles like pattachitra and Bengali patua. He will also introduce participants to digital illustrations techniques.
    The 31-year-old designer had observed at the recent Comic Con that folk art has great value all over the world, but not so much in India. a�?We love quirky designs but fail to understand that inspiration lies in our own art forms. Through my merchandise brand, Latlakar, wea��ve tried to experiment. I have used folk art as book covers for MyCopie and even did a complete storytelling concept through Phad paintings for wedding invitations. Ia��veA� realised the applicability only expands.a�?
    A part of Indian Folk Art 365, a platform where people learn, illustrate, share and spread the knowledge about Indian folk art, he believes creative enthusiasts from all walks of life stand to gain through this workshop. While a participanta��s age and background are no bar, seats are limited to 100. All design enthusiasts a�� students, amateurs and professionals a�� who want to learn something about Indian folk art and its contemporary applications, can attend.
    On May 24, from 11 am to 4.30 pm, at Anna University. Details: 22301139

    Preethi Ann Thomas


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