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    In a series of paintings and sculptures, BO Shailesh explores the flexibility of the human body.

    Bright colourful canvases of masked androgynous figures find translation in sculpture at city-based artist BO Shailesha��s new exhibition titled Juxtapose. Originally from Karnataka, the artist tells us that he finds the flexibility and prowess of the human body fascinating, and brings in animal-like featuresa��by using the masks of cows, elephants and tigersa��on the figurines. Shailesh adds, a�?The beauty of the body is best brought out through yoga asanas,a�? referring to the yogic postures of the characters in his art form.
    The meaning behind the title of the exhibition comes from his own history as an artist. Shailesh started out with painting and he feels that it is from them that the form of his sculptures are inspired and vice versa. Juxtaposing one medium of art with the other, he is a�?extending the painting into the three-dimensional modela�?.
    He says that the sculptures in the exhibition, which were two years in the making are, in essence, models for his paintings. The basic difference between the two modes of art, he explains, is in the case of a painting, an artist a�?keeps adding to ita�? whereas in the process of sculpting, a�?you are pulling out from the cubea�?. What next? He says that his art is an ongoing process and he makes no specific plans in advance. As of now, he is focussing on doing a travelling show for his current exhibition and will be heading to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kerala next.

    June 16 to July 16, at Forum Art Gallery. Details: 42115596

    a��Simar Bhasin


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