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    After organising 11 art exhibitions, since September 2012, Gallery Veda, in association with Shilpa Architects, is opening a new gallery space. Located at The Muse, Shilpa Architectsa��, award winning global design headquarters at OMR, the new space aims to introduce the community to art. The gallery was inaugurated on December 22 by S Nandagopal, of Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village, and currently showcases the Akarma series by artist Anjali Ponni from Chennai.

    a�?a�?The owner of the company, Pavithra Sri Prakash, approached Gallery Veda to utilise their basement for promoting art. Once we saw the space, we knew it was the perfect balance of modern and environmental -friendly design to have a gallery,a��a�� begins Preethi Garg , the owner of Gallery Veda.The artwork on display here, combines lines, rhythm and harmony in a totally contemporary ambience. a�?The interior space has been curated to encourage interaction between art and design in a seamless manner. You have open spaces, quiet corners, social spaces, all linked to the outside world,a�? she says.

    Meanwhile, Pavithra Sri Prakash, the design director and chief planner says, a�?When we built our office, we had envisioned a space to showcase and promote art. Innovation, Indo-centric design thinking and sustainability are at the core of Shilpa Architectsa�� culture.a��a��
    The collection at the gallery will be changed every three monthsa��the next one being a photographic show by photographer Raghu Rai, which will also be shown during Art Chennai. In future, the art space will also have talks and workshops connected to art.

    How different will this be from Gallery Veda? Garg says, a�?Gallery Veda has always been admired for the creativity and quality of its exhibitions. There is no other gallery that has collaborated with an architectural firm with this concept.a�?

    The paintings are from Rs 25,000 onwards. Details: 43090422

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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