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Crestor drug price Rohini Kejriwal, the brains behind the culture newsletter The Alipore Post, feels the role of poetry in day-to-day life has been misplaced. ai???My goal is to help people reconnect with poetry by pairing it with visually appealing art that complements the words,ai??? she says. To take this cause forward she hosts the Year-End Special ai??i?? The Alipore Post at Goobeai??i??s, an evening of music and poetry.

ai???Ravi Menezes, the owner of the Goobeai??i??s bookstore, has become a good friend and is part of almost every event that I do. This was an event weai??i??ve both wanted to do for a long time, and for me, itai??i??s a dream come true to put together a gig at a bookstore,ai??? she reveals. The event is open for bibliophiles and poetry lovers. The session is apt for anyone who wants to read out (or perform) their favourite poems or even their own work. Kejriwal herself will read some of her own picks such as The Poetics of Desire by Gulzar, Relax by Ellen Bass and I Will Meet You Yet Again by Amrita Pritam.She has also invited poetry groups from the city such as the Airplane Poetry Movement and Poetry in the Park to be part of the session.

The event will include a performance by singer-songwriter Abhi Tambe. Known for being part of the iconic band Lounge Piranha, he now works on his independent projects. ai???You can even pick up The Alipore Post merchandise that Iai??i??ve been making,ai??? adds Kejriwal. These include illustrated postcards, bookmarks, and block printed DIY diaries. Additionally, the amount you pay for the ticket is redeemable at Goobeai??i??s. Rs 300. Today, 5 pm. At Goobeai??i??s Book Republic. Church Street. Details: 40903806.

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