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    Kavita Modia��s classes stress on the need for personal grooming.

    FIRST impressions still count, even in a world dominated by online interactions. Anything, be it personal grooming or dining etiquette, can be a deal breaker. And that is why Kavita Modia��s workshopsA� continue to be in demand, despite no advertisements. Like any good a�?finishing schoola��, they teach both children and adults how to hold a dinner conversation, among other things. a�?a�?Dining etiquette is very important; you socialise the most at the dining table or when you are eating something, usually at a cinema, mall or party,a��a�� she says. Modi began training young individuals back in 2008, when a friend approached her to groom her daughter. Hailing from Mumbai, her training at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux, Switzerland, set the foundation for these workshops. With another one coming up next week,A� she says her sessions will also cover travel etiquette. During the eight customised sessions of about two hours each, she will touch upon important areas like social etiquette (do you know how to politely stop a person who shakes your hands for a tad too long?). Participants will have grooming sessions with skincare experts from Oryza spa and stylists like fashion blogger Vishwa Dave (Embellvish).
    From May 19 to June 9. Rs 25,000 for eight sessions. Enroll by Sunday. Details: 9840036800

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