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Organic products and a unique income plan give network marketing company Magnessa a boost

Giving established network marketing companies like Amway a run for their money is the new player in the field, Magnessa. A Chennai-based companya��with branch offices around the countrya��it focusses on wellness products like health and food supplements. a�?Ita��s the brain child of Firose Khan and Sreejith Nair (joint executive directors), who have over 15 years of experience in the field,a�? says Preethy S, the brand ambassador of the company that was launched in January this year and is headquartered in Spencer Plaza.

Tea, anyone?
Though Magnessa kicked off with packaged drinking water in February, one of their most popular products today is organic white tea, and Preethy adds, a�?Most people drink green tea, but our product is so much superiora��it has many benefits, including prevention of heart diseases and weight management.a�? She also talks to us about the virtues of their nine grains health supplement, which according to her is a must in our daily diet. a�?All of our products are made in the country, meeting global standards. And we have innovative products like our gel cleaning bars. They are so gentle that you can use the water you washed your clothes in to water your plants,a�? she insists.

20140710_164054Big dreams
Though they are new, Magnessa has big dreamsa��not just as a wellness oriented company, but as one that offers a great business plan for entrepreneurs. a�?Magnessa has done extensive research to devise an eight-pronged income plan, of which one is up to 25 per cent retail commissiona��ita��s the best plan around,a�? she assures us, signing off by saying that by the end of the year they want to provide people with everything they need on a daily basis, from when they wake up (toothpaste) to when they go to bed (protein supplements).
You dona��t have to be a distributor to buy products from their Spencer Plaza store. A box of white tea is Rs. 899. Details: 8939522102
a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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