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One of the oldest epics in Tamil Literature a�� Cilappatikaram a�� comes to life on stage this Saturday

A tale that goes back to the 3rd Century, Cilappatikaram (The Tale of an Anklet) tells the story of a woman who shows true resilience of character in the times of trouble. Written by the Jain prince Ilango Adigal, the story has been adapted and directed for stage by Meena Das Narayan. Talking about the project, she says, a�?The agenda behind this project is to revive the classics, and make them appealing to todaya��s youth. And while the story is ancient, the narrative is in English, while the songs are in Sanskrit, and includes seven to eight forms of dance, such as Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Kalari, Mohiniyattam, Kathak, Odissi, Chau, and Kathakali,a�? she says.

A story of chastity, love, regret, and revenge, The Tale of an Anklet, is about a woman who forgives her erring husband, and goes on to take revenge when he is falsely accused of theft, and then killed. a�?Ita��s a story that is relevant even today. It shows that women, who are capable of taking a lot, and will forgive when need be, can also fight back when necessary,a�? adds Das. The 80-minute dance drama involves 70 dancers from some of the leading schools in the country, and has Prateeksha Kashim, Shama Krishna, and Mithun Shyam as the lead actors.

Renowned writer, artiste, and filmmaker, Meena Das Narayan, has writen the verses, which were translated into Sanskrit, and converted into songs by Praveen D Rao, and choreography is by Kuchipudi danseuse Veena Murthy Vijay.
At Chowdiah Memorial. 6pm, October 17. Donor passes available at the Bangalore Club for Kathakali & The Arts office.
Details: 9845240558
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