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    An online store offers Tirunelvelia��s signature dessert, while another delivers healthy mixes for infants

    From groceries and vegetables to cosmetics, jewellery and the latest in clothing, there isna��t anything that one cana��t buy online today. The newest online store to join the list is Halwakadai.com that offers only one product a�� the famous halwa from Tirunelveli. Launched this June by Moses Dharma Balan and his team of five friends from SRM University, Chennai, the website accepts orders from across the country and has even attracted attention from places like Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai (though they are yet to start shipping to these countries).
    Known for its extra rich taste and soft texture, the Tirunelveli halwa is made with ghee and wheat, and uses water sourced only from the nearby Thamirabarani river. a�?The river water is one of the key reasons behind the softness of the halwa,a�? Balan, 24, says. The entrepreneur is quick to point out that the halwa they offer is not the same as the Irittu Kadai halwa, which he admits, is more popular. Balan sources from local shops in the Tirunelveli, and packs them in air-tight tins which are then delivered across the country. Currently tending to around 150 orders a day, he also plans to sell the Tirunelveli mixture that the locals love to eat along with the halwa.
    Priced at Rs.330 for a kilo, delivery in a day. Details: halwakadai.com

    Baby steps
    Health mixes made of ragi, wheat, bajra, rice, chick peas and cow peas a�� this is what you can order from the year-old Some More Food Products, an online website that sells organic baby food for infants from six to 24 months. a�?We manufacture our mixes at our factory in Pollachi,a�? says S Deepa, the founder, explaining that the mixes need to be cooked for at least five minutes before consumption. Recommended by doctors of hospitals like Lotus and SKN Baby Hospital, they also offer a health mix for adults, made with 23 ingredients. Details: somemorefoods.com

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      Taste is so good but delivery get one day delay . excellent packing