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Try out the exclusive royal grooming treatment at Truefitt & Hill salon that opened newly in
the city

The year 1805 was indeed a remarkable one. It was when Nelson won the Battle at Cape Trafalgar. Also and when King George III sat on Englanda��s throne. The inception of the worlda��s oldest barbershop Truefitt & Hill (T&H) at St. James, London, was also in the same year. Called the bastion of style, the 211-year-old salon has now opened its doors to customers in Hyderabad at Banjara Hills. The brand has already made its presence felt in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Gurgaon.
The 2,000 sq.ft barbershop houses products like shaving creams, old school two-edge razors and bathing soaps and other accessories that have become synonmous in men’s grooming. The salon offers signature services that are divided into two categories – Royal and Classic. The first gives you the luxe offered to the British Royal family with the Royal Haircut, Royal Shave, Royal Manicure, Royal Pedicure and the Royal Grooming Experience that comprises all of the Royal services. Besides this, under the Classic category are the same services although with lesser luxury. For instance, a Royal Haircut will consist of a hair wash, haircut, and a mini massage. The Classic Haircut will only be a combination of hair wash and haircut.
There are different techniques that makes T&H a brand that truly defines luxury. Highlighted among all the services is the Royal Shave. a�?The ritual begins with the wrapping of hot towels followed by exfoliating the face with a scrub. Thereafter, the skin is nourished and massaged with a light-textured pre-shave oil. This makes the beard soft, allowing the razor blade to glide smoothly. A hot towel is wrapped again on the face to help open the pores,a�? says Sai Krishna, senior barber and trainer. It is just the beginning now.
a�?Justifying luxury, we use handmade badger hair brush which is heat resistant and helps scrubbing off in a better way along with the glycerine-based shaving cream,a�? says Leroy, store manager, Hyderabad.
The Guinness World Record holding barbershop for serving customers for more than two centuries has four signature brands to its name a�� 1805, Trafalgar, West Indian Limes and Grafton. It also has four contemporary brands a�� Sandalwood, Clubman, Freshman and Spanish leather. All the eight brands have different categories of fragrances, with corresponding shaving creams, cologne, aftershave, bathing soap and shower gel. The brand offers a one-year membership in both the Royal and Classic category. The Royal membership costs `59,000 where as the Classic membership is for `49,000. Members get discounts.
Price: Rs 1,300 upwards. Details: 8885382199
a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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