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The passion for culinary adventure binds Patrick and Kylie

Kylie Flavell, a magazine editor, upped and left her lucrative job in Australia to move to Rome and when she saw Patrick Drakea��s video blog, she shot him an email to accompany her a�� and he said yes! When Patrick Met Kylie follows the couple in their travels across the Italian peninsular as they decode the secrets and joys of a nation where food is tradition, as they fall in love with that and each other. On her first impressions of Drake, Flavell says she related instantly because he seemed like hera��a dreamer. Drake thought a�?she might just be as crazy and optimistica��. But when they met, a�?it was all about that smile.a�� But it wasna��t all hunky dory for the duo. a�?I had to convince people to believe in this project. Some networks didna��t even believe that our backstory was real. But I wanted to create a show that was not just about food and travel but about going after your passion,a�? FlavellA� shares. Currently filming her new show on the Amalfi Coast, she says the best places were rustic and simple. a�?There is a place in Positano where you arrive by a little wooden boat, the tables are on the sand and you eat fresh fish and mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves outside,a�? she says of her favourite experience while Drakea��s was at Tuscany. a�?For me, it was cooking with an awesome guy called Malcolm in our Tuscany episode. We cooked a mouthwatering duck ragu with fresh pappardelle in his rustic little Tuscan kitchen and it was one of the best things I have ever eaten!a�?
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