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Yoga exponent Mehak Puri shares simple asanas and stretches to help bikers stay the course

Bikers love the road and their mean machinesa��not being cooped upA� indoors, perfecting the cat pose. Yoga is too feminine for many of them, says Mehak Puri, co-founder of Yellow Butterfly, a Delhi-based yoga studio, who recently taught members of the Southern
HOG (Harley Owner Group) asanas that help on long rides. a�?We showed them how yoga can help target their problem areasa��like the muscles on the neck, shoulders, back, hands and feeta��that get affected because of constant sitting, breaking and accelerating,a�? says Puri. We bring you four of the simple ones:

Surya Namaskar
This is the basic foundation, a 12-posture series where you manipulate your entire spine, massage all the internal organs and work all the muscle groups. Try doing six rounds before and after a ride.

Spinal manipulation
Here you move your spine in four basic directions: up, down, backwards and sideways. Lace your fingers and lift your body, making yourself tall. Then bend over and try to touch your toes (or as far as you can bend). Keep your hands on the waist and drop your spine backwards, while pushing your hips forward. Finally, with hands still on waist, twist sideways. In the short term, this will rejuvenate you and in the long term, it will protect the spine from degenerating.

Childa��s pose
Sit on your knee, ground your hips on your heels and bend forward, with your hands next to your thighs. Hold for a couple of minutes, while you breathe constantly. This helps lengthen the spine.

Jhulan asana
Lie back, hug your knees to your chest, and roll back and forth. This massages the spine, from the back of the neck to the tail bone, and helps release stress.
Details: facebook.com/yellowbutterflypage

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