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    Amol Parashar’s latest feature film sees him shed the trademark carefree persona of his web shows

    With two movies and a number of web shows on the cards, this engineer is keeping himself busy. If you fell in love with Amol Parashar as the mischievous Chitvan Sharma from The Viral Fever’s web show, Tripling, get ready for a little shock. The actor is all set for an image makeover in his latest cinema outing. Titled Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai, Amol describes the film as a lighthearted take on modern relationships, tracing the lives of four bachelors in Mumbai who are hunting for a house. “The movie explores the differences in their personalities and what happens when some of them fall for the same girl,” says the Traffic actor. The movie, still in the production stage, also stars Swara Bhaskar and Sumeet Vyas.amol15761

    Changing colours
    Playing a ‘conservative kill joy’, as he puts it, the 28-year-old has strayed away from his popular playboy image. Ask him how close this is to his real-life persona and he says, “I relate more to my TVF character, because in the movie, I am the kill joy of the group, always ruining the fun, which I am definitely not. It was fun to play this character nevertheless.” The TVF series brought out the chemistrybetween Sumeet Vyas and Amol as siblings. The duo will be seen switching personalities, with Sumeet taking on a fun liberal persona, particularly towards relationships in the film, a stark difference from his Permanent Roommate days, where he played the old-school Mikesh Chaudhary. “I’ve worked with all these actors before, so the one-and-a-half months of shooting felt like an extended party. So much that staying in character was a huge challenge, as it’s easy to lose yourself when you’re having fun,” quips the Rocket Singh actor.

    Juggling avenues
    While Amol does intend to continue acting, the IIT-Delhi graduate is also dabbling in writing. In fact, he is currently working on
    a script for a web show, which should air later this year.  Meanwhile, he asks us to look out for his next with TVF — Bisht Please, a web show with Nidhi Bisht playing the lead and Disco 82, a bilingual that dwells on the country’s underground party culture.

    Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai is slated to release in mid-2017 .

    —Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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