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    Taste the seasona��s best from authentic eateries during a festive walk organised by The Park.

    LAST week we gave you a round up delectable iftar boxes that you could sample or take home. Continuing to track offerings available this holy month a�� we catch up with The Park Hotels who have returned with their annual Ramadan Food Walk. The unique culinary experience has been curated by Senior Sous Chef Saravanan and Executive Chef Ashutosh Nerlekar and focusses on highlighting the signature gastronomical delights of the season.
    a�?Starting today, giving prominence only to local eateries, the trail will take you through hidden gems in Triplicane, which is the epicentre of Sunni muslims in Chennai. Commencing the walk at the iconic Wallajah Mosque, participants enter the place of worship and hear all about the significance of the festival, phases of the moon, how devout Muslims take part and break the fast, by a noted representative. Proceed further to one of the main streets in Triplicane that is known for its supreme array of festive delicacies, courtesy the lively hubs dishing out the very best of iftar feasts. Darshini Ashok, PR Manager at The Park shares, a�?Pitstops are made at such eateries that have been around for decades and have authentic recipes passed down through generations a�� think, tasty kanji, cutlets, different types of kebabs, shawarma, haleem, biryani and rose milk.a�? One will also get to experience popular sweet dishes that are prepared exclusively during this month a�� like the ande ka halwa, the dum ka root, a sweet khoya and rava halwa.

    At Rs 750 per head. From The Park at 5.30 pm today. Details: 9884493601

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