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    Meena Das Narayan explores passion and nature on canvas

    Four Seasons in a Haveli
    is a unique art exhibition that explores the four seasons through a womana��s life. a�?I have always focused on portraits of women in my paintings as I feel women can convey emotions more effectively, and I guess that evolved into the collection,a�? says artist Meena Das Narayan, who will be showcasing her work this week in Bengaluru.
    The paintings, mostly oils, even use Swarovksi crystals. Spring is signified by the green in paintings that explore the innocence in a girla��s life, followed by summer which is interpreted through yellows to show the growing passion and her yearning for love, blue signifies monsoon and a woman more settled into domesticity, and finally winter which are panels in shades of red, exploring a woman looking back at life.
    The women in this collection belong to different classes in and around the old mansions of India, and thus the name. Four Seasons in a Haveli recreates the myriad moods of women over the years, and the moods vary from being melancholic, to romantic, and passionate. a�?Indian women undergo a lot by way of social dictates, and her own aspirations. There is a constant tug of war between these two. Unlike the western woman she is more rooted towards tradition and this was my inspiration a�� how a woman evolves despite social norms to become entities on their own,a�? explains Narayan about the collection.
    As the editor of Gulf Connoisseur, Narayan devoted features on budding artists from all around the world. However, her active art life started five years back. Since then she has participated in quite a few solo and group shows. a�?Ita��s only when my paintings started selling, the confidence really doubled. Since then I have not looked back,a�? Narayan says.
    December 13-15. At ITC Gardenia. 11 am. Details: 22119898
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