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    A�James Whitlow A�Delano on water as a photography subject

    FOR someone who has documented environmental issues like Japana��s deadly tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, photos of happy moments may be hard to come by. But for James Whitlow Delano, happiness lies in making a change. a�?I find an issue that interests me and try to imagine how to visually place the viewer in the lives of the people affected by an environmental challengea��be it deforestation in Borneo or desertification in Mali.A�I want to create empathy, but the facts must dictate the storyline,a�? he says, adding that he leaves it up to the viewer to glean a message from his photographs.
    It is advice like this, and much more (be it tips, hands-on training, discussions, etc) that the award-winning reportage photographer will be imparting in his upcoming seven-day workshop onA�documentaryA�storytelling, at the PondyART festival, at Ousteri Lake, Serenity Beach and Pondicherry Port. a�?My focus with the participants will be on improvement and effort. I am not aiming to produce a class as that of Raghu Raia��s (acclaimed photojournalist),a�? he smiles.
    And the theme for this year, Water, is rightA�up his alley. a�?My relationship with water does not end with the tsunami.A�Ia��ve documented desertification on the fringes of Chinaa��sA�Gobi Desert, where sand dunes are bearing down on agricultural land and have encroached the Yellow River,a�? reveals the 56-year-old, who has been living in Japan for 20 years now.
    Having mostly clicked in black and white, using his Leica M camera, the American confesses that his new acquisition, a Sony RXl Rll, performs better. a�?Like my Leica, it has a 35 mm lens but made by Zeiss. It has 40 megapixel files and a silent shutter,a�? he shares, although he admits that an iPhone 6 a�?has a pretty serious camera, tooa�?. Besides him, there is Senthil Kumaran who will be talking about documentary storytelling, and Umeed Mistry who will demonstrate underwater photography.

    August 28 to September 4. Register for `22,500. Details: pondy
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