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    In the world of pranks and parodies, a little angel is a glimmer of hope

    All a board
    The HUVr board a�� an iconic skateboard like the one used in Back To The Future was launched in a video featuring Christopher Lloyd, best known as Emmett a�?Doca�? Brown from the film. While people went gaga over it (10 millions hits) as legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk designed it, the site has admitted that it was a prank. But as a consolation, theya��re giving away a signed replica. Watch (BELIEF on Youtube) as celebrities zoom around on the HUVr board for entertainment and filming genius.

    Hair raising tale
    Adorable and inspiring, Emily James, a three-year-old little girl, cuts off her long brown locks to make into a wig for a child with cancer. So off she troops to a�?Uncle Maffewa�� (Matthew Collins, La��Oreal ID Artist and celebrity hairstylist) to cut a�?Dollya�� and her own tresses. And as the wise young lass says, a�?I have lots of hair so I will just cut some off and give it to a kid.a�? A small gesture that will change someone elsea��s life. Actions do speak louder than words, after all. Details: flypressfilms.com

    Second best
    A sequel to viral hit Charlie Bit My Finger has been made featuring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and theA� Hemsworth brothers. Directed by Christopher Nolan, it premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The film jumps 30 years to Streep playing the mother who encourages Harry (Chris) to forgive and Hanks, a Benedictine monk, advises Charlie (Liam) to ask forgiveness. The film is aptly called, Bitman Begins and is fantastic entertainment in film-noir style.

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