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Ia��m THE new Ayn Rand people. Every word I write is read, discussed and dissected, and I love it! Instead of shrugging off all my tongue-in- cheek banter, people are doing the wise thing and taking me seriously. I totally approve. Intellect and beauty are formidable combinations. Now, I decree, that all my ardent readers (and quoters) must form an a�?article cluba�� where, my articles should be giggled at and deconstructed word by word. What could gladden a megalomaniaca��s heart more I ask.

Amidst chants of a�?welcome to Starbucks,a�� we attended the launch of the first Starbucks outlet in Koramangala. I was surprised to see a hoard of people gathered outside, taking photographs and chattering excitedly about having the latest piece of a�?Americanaa�� in their midst. The outlet was packed to capacity with the citya��s elite, who discreetly showed off their knowledge of the various flavours, (they drink it on their sojourns abroad, you see), while the plebian folk outside waited with bated breath for a chance to be able to sample the famed coffee.

We got to spend a wonderful evening at the launch of friend, anthropologist and author Kaveri Ponappaa��s coffee table book at the ITC Windsor. The elegant evening was in keeping with Kaveria��s book The Vanishing Kodavas, a fiercely private and proud sect of people whose uniqueness and culture is being slowly eroded by the bane of globalisation. Kaveri and her husband Naresh are both proud Kodavas and they have initiated a movement to help educate the less fortunate Kodavas, with the proceeds of this book. The book reading was followed by an authentic Coorg repast, with some recipes that were borrowed from Kaveria��s cookbook. A splendid a�?my kind of eveninga��, indeed.

Braving the thunderstorms, we attended The Johnny Walker Blue Label Evening at the invitation of good friend Dia Bhandari, at the JW Marriot. We had the pleasure of meeting Jason Lewis, a Guinness Book record holder, and the only man to have circumvented the globe on human power alone. After this meeting and the deluge that engulfed Bangalore, many ladies (including yours truly) have decided to use our own special a�?human powera�� a.k.a. our lungs, and protest loudly about the deplorable condition that the (so called) leaders have allowed our city to sink into. Well nothing like some superb smooth Blue Label cocktails to fortify our spirits and allow us to be a little more a�?free-spiriteda�� about things, I say.

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