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    One stop shop for all desserts Parisian

    ENSCONCED in a dainty corner of UB Citya��s second floor is Amande Patisserie. Known for their melt-in-the-mouth macarons that they feature on everything from teacakes to French pastries, Prashanth Shadakshari and Venkatesh Raghu open their second boutique in the city.

    The brand, named after almonds, the key ingredient in French pastries, keeps things simple and chic with long glass-topped tables and chocolate brown shelves that house all their sweet delights. Rows of macarons lie beside artisan chocolates that include assorted ganache, truffles and even a macaron-centred variant. Their list of macarons is exhaustive with options ranging from Belgian chocolate, raspberry and pistachio to cinnamon, passion fruit, hazelnut, rose, choco-orange and Lime & Thyme.

    Macarons and more
    To accompany these a�?French cookiesa�� are a delectable range of tarts with fillings like fresh fruit and custard, almond frangipani with strawberry or chocolate mousse, and plenty more. Choux pastries like profiteroles and eclairs in various combinations, and teacakes made with orange or almond also find their corner at this cafe that seats about eight at a time.

    Shadaksharia��s creativity and experience blooms in his range of French pastries that taste as good as they look. From the fancy-looking Concordes to the Opera a�� a�?a layer cake made of thin almond joconde sponge, coffee-flavoured butter cream, and chocolate ganache, or the rich chocolate Sacher Torte, each come with flavours as distinct as their ingredients. They even boast ofA� authentic callisons a�� traditional French confectionery, in vanilla, orange and rose.

    Rs. 50 upwards. At Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 61344994

    a��Susanna Chandy


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