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    Herea��s how you can hunt down the ubiquitous Pokemon

    The craze for Pokemon Go has reached a feverish pitch. The augmented reality mobile game, which requires you to catch the virtual Pokemons outdoors, has spurred everything from public crawls to even jobs. Take a look at how Bengaluru is tackling it.

    Bangalorea��s PokemonGo Crawl: BMS College of Engineering student Siddhartha Mani is bringing together Pokemon Go newbies and trainers at Lal Bagh on July 31. Thata��s because ita��s the easiest to find Pokemons around land or water, thereby making this botanical garden an ideal setting. 12-6 pm. Details: facebook.com/events/1169572729740905/?ti=cl

    Babajob: Believe us when we say that catching a Pokemon is now a real, paid job. City-based Babajob has added a category of a�?Pokemon catchera�� on their job portal. The catchers are required to catch PokeBalls and help you cruise to the PokeGym level.The applicant should be fit and alert, as the job involves a lot of running around. Details: babajob.com

    Pokemon-Go Club Bangalore: Riaz Rahman and Syed Mohsin, founders of Clubhopp app, are attending to the queries of Pokemon Go lovers on this Facebook page, which can range from how to download the game to hacks to tame the creatures. Since their startup lists out events across the city, they plan to hold a Pokemon Go gathering soon. Details: facebook.com/pokemongoblr/

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