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    Relish Nuitritiona��s new range of vegetarian salads is a quick-fix alternative to your thali.

    We love our traditional meals. The kootus and poriyals served with rice and bowls of sambhar, pulikuzhambu and rasam make up the daily lunch routine of many a South Indian. So when Sowmya Ganesh of Relish Nutrition says that a salad can be an effective replacement for the above, I find it hard to believe. But with ingredients like broccoli, black chickpeas, radish, rajma, sweet potatoes, and others, her claim makes sense. a�?Our salads have a well-balanced proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat, and provides more nutrition than a traditional South Indian meal. We use fresh produce sourced from aggregators inside the city, who have tied-up with both organic and chemical-free farmers in the state and other places like Pondicherry,a�? she says, adding that this marks their entry into the food segment. a�?Our cold pressed juices have been a big hit in the last two years, with orders coming in from as far as Padur. We expect the salads to be similarly successfull as well,a�? she declares.
    a�?Each salad provides about 350 to 425 calories. They are rich in vital fibres and healthy fats, minerals and antioxidants, and come with a variety of dressings,a�? she adds, explaining that it is best had with a bottle of any of their juices. Ten salads are included in the menu for now, and the dressings come in flavours like roasted pumpkin, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and many others. While salads like Thai Pod come with a peanut butter dressing, Ganesh assures me that they are open to discussions with customers before orders are placed, so that doubts regarding allergens and other concerns are addressed. a�?Once you have these salads, hunger pangs are minimal,a�? she assures. Customers can also subscribe for the new detox packages, each of which consists of five juices and two salad meals. While they have already tied-up with delivery services like Genie and Dine.in, Ganesh shares plans to tie-up with Swiggy as well, to expand their delivery radar. Payments are accepted online, and orders need to placed a day in advance, by 4 pm.
    Priced at Rs 170 each.
    Details: relishnutrition.co

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