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    The tasting menu at Rim Naam gives its current repertoire a new touch

    Born and raised in Nong Khai, near the border of Laos, which is at the northeast corner of Thailand, Naphaphak Prompkasa, who is known as Tham, is now in Bengaluru, to give Thai food lovers a taste of her culinary skills. Docked at Rim Naam at The Oberoi Hotel, Tham is now going to lead the kitchen, bringing some of her signature dishes, and special touches, to the menu. The chef, who believes that Thai food is rarely complete without addition of fish sauce, palm sugar, and lemon grass, has designed a special tasting menu that focuses on some of the restauranta��s popular flavours, as well as her signatures.
    9.21For instance, the Poo nim phad prik thai dum (soft shell crabs in a garlic and peppery sauce) is her addition. The garlic and the pepper enhances the flavour of the crab for sure, but whata��s delightful is the perfect crunch the crab retains. A simple dish, this one is a must-try. For vegetarians, the deep fried corn patties might be sinful, but the sweet chilli sauce makes it so much better.
    From the main course section, something as basic as the bokchoy and asparagus in garlic and soy sauce, with a few other greens, goes delightfully well with steamed rice. But it was the red duck curry (roasted duck cooked with Thai spices) that stole the show. Served with chicken fried rice, which might not be the best staple to go with it, the mild flavour of the curry is a treat.
    In fact, the chicken fried rice is Thama��s speciality, and can be had by itself. a�?I am open to changing the spice levels as per dinersa�� requests. Thai food can be very hot, and not everyone can handle it. So yes, I have toned down the spice factor where I can,a�? says Tham. For dessert, the jellied waterchestnut in coconut milk of the tab tim krob is a must-try. Ita��s not as sweet as it usually turns out, and ends the meal well.


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