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    Cost of carafate This new restaurant offers clean flavours and a relaxing setting

    For those reeling from the unusual heat at this time of year, a relaxing poolside grill is just what the doctor ordered. So when the Ritz-Carlton announced the launch of their Grill 99, we were happy to give it a try. Conceptualised by Michelin-starred chef Anupam Bannerjee, the restaurant is located on the fifth floor. Though bang in the centre of town, the space is an oasis with enough green cover to transport you to a picturesque tropical resort.

    A Monday evening is hardly apt for an elaborate barbecue dinner, but the peace and quiet far outweighed everything else. The focus is on simple, clean flavours that let the protein do all the talking. This is complemented by fresh herbs and vegetables sourced from First Agro, a zero-pesticide farm located an hour-and-a-half away from the city.

    Into the sea

    We got things off to a start with the Grilled Scallop Salad, a delicate affair that brings together cauliflower, apple and Balsamic with the clam being the star of the show. The slightly sweet taste of the scallops is balanced by a dash of burnt butter and lime. Cauliflower done two ways (purAi??ed and caramelised), and the accompanying apple salsa tie the whole dish together and lend it depth.

    From the Grill section, we opted for the Prawns Grilled with Herbed Butter. Served in an elegant copper coated platter, the prawns are presented on a bed of fresh herbs that includes thyme, rosemary and flat leaf parsley. Grilled heirloom cherry tomatoes on the vine serve as the topping. The freshness of the dish screams out at you at first, and as you dig in, you truly understand what seasoned chefs mean when they say, ai???ingredients are everythingai??i??. The prawns are flavoured with just a hint of lemony tomato butter. A side of onion confit, with a tinge of vanilla and orange, is a good accompaniment.

    Dive in

    We also sampled the Sea Bass, which came with the same accompaniments as the prawns. The fish was cooked to perfection, with thyme and garlic flavours blending beautifully to elevate it to a whole new level, while the freshness from the cherry tomatoes made it a well-rounded affair.

    No meal is complete without dessert, and we brought things to a close with the New York-style Orange Bake Cheesecake. In a burst of citrusy sweetness, the cake comes with almond crumble giving it some crunch, while a bitter-sweet orange compote cuts through its richness.

    `8,000++ for two. At Residency Road. Details: 49148000

    ai??i?? Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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