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    A Home At The End of The World (Romance), HBO Defined, 10.35 am
    Cast: Colin Farrell,
    Dallas Roberts, Robin Wright
    Bobby Morrow (Colin Farrell), who has always had it rough, is rebellious and outgoing, while his pal Jonathan Glover (Dallas Roberts) is awkward, gawky and slowly coming to terms with his sexuality. Glovera��s mother teaches Morrow to bake, setting him on a career path that takes him to New York, where he reunites with Glover, who is living in an apartment with his friend Clare (Robin Wright). The three of them set up house together, and Morrow and Clare get into a relationship. But things get complicated when Clare gets pregnant. The movie is an adaptation of Michael Cunninghama��s novel by the same title.

    Hangover 3 (Comedy), HBO Hits, 8 pm
    Cast: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms
    When Alan (Zach Galifianakis) causes a free-way pile-up because of a giraffe he bought, his father lectures him but then dies of a heart attack. Alana��s brother-in-law, Doug (Justin Bartha), realises that he has not been taking his ADHD medication, and persuades Alan to go to rehab. But Alana��s condition is that a�?the Wolfpacka��a�� his friends Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper) and Stu Price (Ed Helms) and Doug a�� accompany him to the facility. The result is a road trip that gets them entangled with the mob, a gold heist and a kidnapping. Pigs make an appearance at some point in every Hangover film, and this one doesna��t disappoint. Youa��ll find them on the masks that the thugs wear.

    The Mudge Boy (Drama),
    MGM Channel, 7.30pm
    Cast: Emile Hirsch, Richard Jenkins, Tom Guiry
    Young farm boy Duncan Mudge (Emile Hirsch) is lonely and confused after the death of his mother, which leaves him in the care of his moody, unpredictable and depressed father, Edgar (Richard Jenkins). Mudge finds solace in his favourite chicken and begins to take the bird everywhere with him a�� even to bed. His awkwardness extends to his social life and he is set apart from the local gang of boys by his homosexual leanings. While one friend, Perry Foley (Tom Guiry), seems to understand and stand by him, Mudgea��s romantic feelings for him could prove to be his undoing. The movie grew out of the short film, Fishbelly White, also directed by Michael Burke.


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