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    Kick (Action/Comedy), Star Gold, 8 pm
    Cast: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
    Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) or the a�?Devila�� is a thrill seeker. He is also a thief with a good heart, who steals money to help the poor and needy. Singha��s ex-lover Shaina Mehra (Jacqueline Fernandez), a doctor, happens to get a marriage proposal from Himanshu Tyagi (Randeep Hooda), a police inspector. Tyagi shares the story of an elusive thief called the Devil, and they soon figure out that Singh is the thief. Will this be the end of his adventures? Director Sajid Nadiawala paid almost `1.5 crore to purchase the rights of the song Saat samundar par, originally from the film Vishwatma. He wanted it as a tribute to his late wife, Divya Bharti, who had danced to it in the original film.

    A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A�Hannah and
    Her Sisters telesnip1
    MGM, 9.40 pm
    Cast: Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey, Dianne Wiest, Michael Caine, Woody Allen
    The story revolves around three Thanksgiving parties hosted by Hannah (Mia Farrow) and her husband Elliot (Michael Caine). Hannaha��s ex-husband Mickey (Woody Allen), a television writer who once had a disastrous date with her sister Holly (Dianne Wiest), is looking to give it another shot. Meanwhile, Elliot is having an extra-marital relationship with Hannaha��s other sister, Lee (Barbara Hershey). As the film progresses, Holly, a former drug addict, turns writer and is working on a story inspired by Elliot and Hannaha��s life. However, it threatens to expose Leea��s affair. This was Llyod Nolana��s (who plays Hannaha��s father) final movie before his death in September 1985.

    Chup Chup Ke (Romance/Comedy),
    Movies OK, 8 pm
    Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Om Puritelesnip3
    After ruining his fathera��s business, Jeetu (Shahid Kapoor) breaks off his engagement with Pooja (Sushma Reddy) and attempts suicide. But he is recued by two fishermen (Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav) who take him hostage, hoping for a hefty ransom. A series of comical sequences follow, with Jeetu pretending to be deaf and mute to save himself. Things change when he meets Shruti (Kareena Kapoor) a mute girl who is trying to get out of an arranged marriage. The film was adapted from the 1998 hit Malayalam film, Punjabi House. Though Kareena does not have a single line of dialogue in the film, she considers it one of her most challenging roles.



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