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You Don’t Mess With TheA�Zohan
Star Movies HD, 9 pm
Adam Sandler,A�Emmanuelle Chriqui (Comedy)

A formidable Israeli counter-terrorist Zohan (Adam Sandler) is sent on a mission to fight a Palestinian terrorist group. Fed up with constant violent encounters, Zohan fakes his death and decides to reform and pursue his passion for hairstyling in USA. He lands a job at a struggling salon. One day Palestinian cab driver Salim who has a grudge against Zohan, recognises him and plans to kill him. Loosely based on Nezi Arbib, a hairstylist and former Israeli soldier in California.

Drag Me To Hell
Z Studio, 8.30 pm
Alison Lohman,A�Lorna Raver (Horror)

Ganush (Lorna Raver), a gypsy woman approaches loan officer Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), for an extension on her mortgage payment. Christine, who has been trying to impress her boss for a promotion takes this as an opportunity and denies the extension. Helpless and angry, Ganush places a curse on Christine, and the latter faces torment from demons who threaten that she will be dragged to hell eternally. The movie was a box office success, making $90.8 million worldwide
on a $30 million budget.

Wicked Stepmother
MGM, 2 pm
Cast: Bette Davis, Barbara Carrera (Comedy)

Unaware of her true identity, Sam marries a witch named Miranda (Bette Davis). His vegetarian daughter Jenny and son-in-law return from their vacation to find that their new stepmother has filled their refrigerator with meat and has ruined the collection of herbs. Meanwhile, Mirandaa��s daughter Priscilla takes on a human form while her mothera��s spirit inhabits a cata��s body. Jenny figures out theya��re witches and tries to stop them from ruining her family. DavisA�only appears for 11 minutes.

HBO Defined,A�10 pm
Nicolas Cage,A�Nicole Kidman (Drama)

Kyle (Nicolas Cage), a fast talking businessman, is just back from aA�work trip. As his daughter is sneaking out to a party, four thugs in security uniforms and ski masks invade their home and attack his wife. Their demand: cash and diamonds in the safe. Over the next few hours,A�the back stories of the four robbers (two brothers, a girlfriend, and the representative of a local drugA�kingpin) as well as Kyle and Saraha��s dysfunctional marriage comeA�into play. The film took 18 daysA�to get to DVD.


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