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    TeleFridayHellRide1Hell Ride (Action / Thriller) Star Movies Action, 12.30 pm
    Cast:David Carradine,Larry Bishop, Michael Madsen,Dennis Hopper, Vinnie Jones
    This film revolves around two rival biker gangs, The Victors, led by Pistolero (Larry Bishop), and The 666ers, led by The Deuce   (David Carradine). After murdering Pistolero’s girlfriend, Cherokee Kisum, The Deuce leaves behind his biker life and moves out  of the city. With him gone, the rest of the gang disintegrates. However, years later, he returns to his old town to take care of some unfinished business and the rivalry resumes from where it had been left off. Who will emerge from the ashes? Bishop not only starred in the film but also wrote, directed and co-produced it.


    Boys (Drama / Romance),MGM 1.15 pm
    Cast: Winona Ryder,Lukas Haas
    Bored with his life at an upper middle class boarding school and the thought of running his family’s grocery store business, John Baker Jr (Lukas Haas) is in search of some excitement and adventure. When he rescues Patty Vare (Winona Ryder), who he finds lying unconscious in a field, he seems to have got just what he’d been looking for. Secretly taking shelter in his room,  Vare causes problems for Baker, but her mysterious past and the thrills that come with it keep him enthralled. The coffee shop scenes in the film were shot at the coffee shop of St John’s College in Maryland.

    Crooked Arrows (Action / Drama) Sony Pix, 9pm
    Cast:Brandon Routh, Chelsea Ricketts, Tyler Hill, Cree Cathers Joe Logan (Brandon Routh), a mixed blood native American, is assigned the task of coaching a native American high school lacrosse team against better  trained and better equipped prep schools, in an elite league championship. Reluctant at first, Logan digs deep into his roots to  reclaim the native sport of his people, but will it be enough to win the championship?The first mainstream film that focusses on lacrosse, it was 10 years in the making as experts were not completely happy with the script. Reportedly, it had too many inaccurate details.



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