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Tinystep connects young urban parents in order to deal with queries and concerns

When Suhail Abidi moved from Silicon Valley to India, after successfully founding his maiden startup Silicon Prime, and setting up offices in US, India and Vietnam, he was surprised to find many of his friends with new-born babies struggle through their daily chores and tasks involved in parenthood.

With both spouses working, and little support back home, they would often end up talking about their challenges with friends. a�?They would speak about it all the time, and some of us who were single would never be able to relate to them,a�? Abidi, 32, explains. When he conducted a survey among 500 young parents, mostly from his network, he found that they had several things to share and even figure out. Thata��s when he thought of Tinystep, an app that acts as a social networking platform for new parents. a�?The app provides a vibrant platform for parents to come together, collaborate and help each other raise their children in the most effective manner. Tinystep can be the much-needed vertical social network around parenting; connecting not just parents but doctors too,a�? he says.
To facilitate casual conversations, Tinystep groups parents together in chat groups based on their childa��s month of birth. a�?For instance, moms with their baby born in March, 2015 will be grouped together,a�? Abidi explains. Parents can also ask questions anonymously in the open forum where other parents and even pediatricians answer. To make the job of being a parent easier, Tinystep will soon launch a host of other features such as vaccination reminders, milestones tracking and so on.
Details: Tinystep.in
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