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    Make Halloween a spooky affair on the go

    Ita��s time for candy, costumes, mayhem and macabre. And we know just the apps to set the eerie mood for a gloomy Halloween.

    This photo transformation tool will ensure you have the perfect photos. The seven different modes include zombie, werewolf and vampire with elements to go with your theme. Think bats, jack-o-lanterns and monsters to be mixed and matched to make your party spot look as creepy as possible. Rs.A�60 on iTunes.apple.com

    Ghost Radar
    This one is sure to spook your guests. Traditional paranormal equipment is made to be fooled with mundane bursts of normal energy that are analysed. Ghost Radar translates the energy into information with a ghoulish voice reading out the words. It also reads energy and numbers and alerts you about spaces where therea��s energy.
    Details: ghostradar.com

    Creepy Tales
    For those of you who think trick-or-treating is passe, you must make sure you have scary tales in hand. Curl up with friends and family around the jack-o-lanterns and listen to horror stories from around the world. Choose from different short stories to entertain each other and see whoa��s the bravest of all. Turn off all lights for maximum scare!
    Details: play.google.com

    Halloween Sound Pro
    This one has a delayed activation button so you can set your device to blast out a creepy noise when others least expect. From creaking doors to deadly screams, we love that with Bluetooth you can also control a second device making the scary sounds even more frightening. Perfect for party prankster.
    Details: iTunes.apple.com

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