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    The BoozyGriffin is a fun English-style pub with classic cocktails and comfort foodA�

    FROM the leather seats, old-school rock music, menu and certainly the name, The Boozy Griffin lives up to its English counter-parts. The bar dominates the brick and leather walls while a London telephone booth bridges the smoking and the non-smoking sections. Single malts, beers and spirits are available in plenty but it was the classic Brit cocktails that caught our fancy. Tom Collins with a generous dose of gin, Pimma��s Cup a delightful tangy ode to the great mixologist James Pimm and the quirky 007-tinis a�� in various flavours like green apple and lemon and basil are worth a shot. Or fruity mocktails a�� pear mojito and key lime pie a�� for refreshing options.

    FoodNew8Pub grub
    Since executive chef Asif began his culinary journey with a fish-n-chips shop in Dubai, he knew his way around bar food. Mushrooms stuffed with cheese and jalapeA�os and Cajun-spiced chicken wings a�� perfect with cold beers, ranging from Budweiser and Kingfisher to Stella and Heineken. Next came a non-vegetarian platter of a�?Englisha�� sheekh, malai, chicken tikka kebabs, tandoori sausages and duck a�� differently flavoured with plenty to go around the table. Britpop, an interesting version of shrimp cocktail were deep fried prawns in a spiced-up mayonnaise.

    Tucking in
    We opted for bangers and mash and fish-n-chips for the mains, refusing to be tempted by steak pie and braised pepper pork. The fish was perfectly fried with a crunchy batter casing but a soft inside. It came with a lovely tartar sauce with herbs, dill and finely chopped onions a�� clearly not a dollop of disguised mayonnaise. Chips were the usual French fries that served the purpose just the same as the rugged chips of England. Bangers came in the form of snail pork sausage but wea��re not complaining as the herb-infused onion gravy was simply fantastic. The mash too held its own with a creamy texture a�� neither too dry nor soggy. Whopper burgers, steaks, vegetarian and non-vegetarian pastas and risottos also make their way on the menu as do salads, Thai curries and a few Mexican favourites.

    Sugar coated
    Dessert was a great finale in the form of super sweet sticky toffee pudding which came with a generous portion of rich gooey toffee sauce on a Food9Lead10moist sponge cake. Make sure you go with enough time to spare as weekend service can take longer than usual. But the great music (at an optimum volume), friendly staff and vast menu will keep you happy, regardless.

    Rs. 1,500 upwards for two. At Koramangala. Details: 9035481000

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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