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    Football fever at Hyatt Regency

    The surprises continued this week not just with the crazy weather but with FIFA bringing us several unexpected twists and turns. For many, the fun is only just beginning, made even better by the survival of a few of the underdogs. In a bid to keep things interesting all season long, Hyatt Regency took things up a notch by getting their staff involved in the festivities. Familiar faces traded their usual uniforms for football jerseys as they faced off in a series of friendly matches. As for guests, there were varying levels of participation a�� play a little a�?footiea��, sip on some cocktails or have fun with some crazy photo cut outs.

    At the launch of Sex, Lies and Cricketgate

    At the launch of Sex, Lies and Cricketgate

    And it wasna��t only about football this week, with cricket making its presence felt, albeit a little differently. It was a party in honour of Pinky Bokadiaa��s book Sex, Lies and Cricketgate, a murder mystery set against the backdrop of the IPL. The pretty author was happy to reveal that the book was equally well received by both men and women alike. Her love for mystery and romance as well as a curiosity about the a�?glamorousa�� life of cheerleaders are what inspired her to write it. Guests got into the feel of things, happy to pose with an assortment of props, while toasting her success. Everything from cheer-leading a�?pom pomsa�� to cardboard miniskirts were put to good use.

    We ended the week on a high note (pun intended) with the Kuku Companya��s adaptation of Les Miserables. A rather challenging task for their debut production a�� one of the most popular Broadway musicals of all time, and one that has received tremendous attention in the last few years. The crowd at the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba concert hall was mixed, from hard core fans who braved the rains, to others who were there to support their friends. Ten minutes into the show and everyone realised they had made the right decision. First time director Amrita Fredrick, along with veteran conductor Augustine Paul, showed us that not only does Chennai have the talent, but it is capable of pulling off an amazing and completely a�?livea�� show. Besides great cohesion between the musicians and choir, I must make a special mention of the leads, dentist Yohan Chacko as Valjean and Sandeep John as Javert, for keeping the characters alive.

    Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)


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