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    The concept of sundowners is not new to us party animals. And borrowing from this, is Hyatt Regencya��s newest offering to Chennai a�� the Sundown at 365 AS. As the name suggests, this is a party from noon (2 pm, to be precise) till the sun goes down and will feature unlimited offerings of music, liquor and food.

    In a quick chat with Kumar Shobhan, director food and beverage of the hotel, we learn that the Sundown, which will take place every Sat-urday and Sunday, will be ongoing a�?for a year at least.a�? And though they do not as yet have a list of names to share, Shobhan assures us of the best DJs from the city and outside. a�?We will start with top city-based DJs and then slowly start bringing in others from across the country. The music will be predominantly house, but the DJ will be allowed to tweak it according to the mood of the crowd,a�? he shares.

    As the picture starts taking shape in our heads, we enquire about the other important factors a�� the food and drink. a�?Apart from the beer, all other liquor will be imported. We will be focusing on large cocktails, with cocktail pitchers available for guests to help themselves. The food will be the best short eats from our Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants,a�? Shobhan clarifies. So expect anything from kebabs and skewers to pizza slices and if all goes well, maybe a live barbecue a�?at a later stage.a�? And owing to the flexibility of this kind of concept, we hope that they consider bringing in live acts as well, at said later stage.

    From 2 pm to 8 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays, at Rs 2,500 per head. Details: 61001234

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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